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The Office of Economic Development strongly supports the efforts of Wasabi Marketing Elements to create an on-line ocean safety report... We have been working with Wasabi and a number of partners to make this project a reality... Please support the efforts of Wasabi Marketing and become a full partner in this effort to make Kauai beaches as safe as they are beautiful.

Beth Tokioka, Director • County of Kauai Office of Economic Development

Creating and then effectively publicizing this website excites me as one of the most positive steps I have seen come along towards effectively getting this information out to the public... this along with its pleasing outlay makes it potentially a major step-forward in Kauai's water safety program. Anyone should feel honored to associate themselves in any way with this project.

Monty Downs, M.D., E. R. Physician • Wilcox Hospital; Co-chair • Kauai Water Safety Task Force

Each year Kauai averages 10-12 drownings, many of which are our visitors. It is our goal to try and reduce the number of drownings and eliminate these unfortunate tragedies... I hope you will take the time to support this new effort toward water safety education.

Susan A. Kanoho, Executive Director • Kauai Visitors Bureau

I'm very pleased that this group has gotten together to take action on the serious challenge we face keeping people as safe as they can be on our beaches. Our lifeguards do an outstanding job, but we need to educate people before they even head out to the beach if we truly want to save lives.

Bryan Baptiste, Mayor • Kauai

Congrats to all who are involved in this site. I lived in Hawaii as a kid and now take my family back almost every year. It is not easy to describe to friends all the amazing places to go and places to see, especially to people who are not aware of the beach. Your site shows where to go and also give suggestions and precautions on what to do and what not to do. I will also take advantage of the updated surf report to figure out where to go for waves, and where to go for snorkeling on my next trip.

Pat Mayock, site visitor

If you're visiting Kauai, check in with our 24/7 Lifeguard: kauaiexplorer.com This highly informational site is a MUST for snorkelers, swimmers, surfers, divers, and all beach cruisers! Visitors can assist us in our drowning prevention efforts by being informed, and swimming at lifeguarded beaches. We're stoked on the Wasabi Design website!

Pat Durkin, President • Kauai Ocean Rescue Council (KORC)

Wasabi Design has done a wonderful service for the island of Kauai and its beaches. The Explorer was such a valuable tool in choosing our vacation destination allowing us to view many beaches on north, east and south shores. We narrowed down our resort by the beautiful full color photos displayed on the kauaiexplorer.com site of the local area beaches. The interactive map with beach locations, the layout of the entire island along with safety tips and swimming conditions regularly updated and interactive games was genius. And the added personal touch by responding to my e-mail query by you - the president of Wasabi - was certainly appreciated. With such talent I won't say good luck in future endeavors, talent needs no luck! Thank you.

Dauna Ross-Paquier, site visitor • Lincoln University, PA, USA

We felt the Kauai Explorer website was the ideal vehicle to make this information available, our hope that this report will become THE resource for hotel concierge and front desk staff in informing visitors on how to recreate safely on our beaches.

Susan A. Kanoho, Executive Director • Kauai Visitors Bureau

If you're planning on visiting Kauai (my home island) the Kauai Beach Explorer website can prepare you for a ton of island fun! It has ocean / surf reports, beach & ocean safety tips, maps to my favorite beaches, and some fun activity ideas. Check it out.

Bethany Hamilton, Pro Surfer


The Kauai Explorer team has detailed the anatomy of beach safety in a concise, user-friendly way like no one has done before.  The team's website has evolved into an indispensable, up-to-date resource for information on Kauai's water and offers something for every beachgoer, from the first-time visitor to the most seasoned waterman.  The Garden Island newspaper and Essential Kauai are proud to partner with Kauai Explorer and play a role in keeping our community and island visitors safe.

Todd A. Vines, Editor EUR Essential Kauai

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