Beach Safety Tips

Remember these safety tips, they could save your life!
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While some beaches are perfect for family fun, others are extremely hazardous and suited for experienced water people only. Ask a lifeguard or check the Kauai Ocean Report for daily conditions »

Safety Tips

Varied shoreline topography, open-ocean swells and constantly changing conditions make our beaches beautiful, great for surfing, and often DANGEROUS. Here are some safety tips to help you have a safe Hawaii vacation.

Important safety video with lifeguard Kalani Viera

  • Swim at lifeguarded beaches – ask lifeguards for safety and swimming tips.
  • Lifeguards post warning signs – Don’t ignore them! Read them and heed them!
  • Conditions constantly changedaily and seasonal changes must be monitored closely
  • Waves come in sets – it can look calm for up to 20 minutes between dangerous sets of huge waves.
  • Hazards can exist in ANY coastal area - not just in the water. Be careful on wet sand and rocks.
  • Do not fight a rip current – if caught in a current keep calm, float, breathe, don’t panic, and wave for help. Go WITH the current and conserve energy.
  • Use the buddy system – never swim alone & know your limits.
  • When in doubt – don't go out!

Have Fun, Be Safe, and understand where (and when) to hit the beach!