Kauai Whale Watching

One person's whale watching adventure down the Na Pali
whale watching

Whales, dolphins, turtles, they were all on this boating adventure. Kauai's marine life offers a wonderful array of critters and colors. Be sure to bring plenty of sun block and a swimsuit. You will get a chance to snorkel.

Whales on the Na Pali

Kauai’s marine ecosystems are both beautiful and diverse; a recent experience onboard sailing catamaran was no exception. February and March are the peak months for Hawaiian Humpback whales, so I calleda local boat tour company to see if we could jump on one of their Kauai whale watching tours.

Our departure time was 6:30am from Port Allen (a long haul from Haena). Once on the water, we were thankful to be up early. Chilly Kokee mountain winds made for good coffee and nice ocean conditions. It didn’t take us long to find the whales. Throughout the trip we would view these winter guests breaching, showing their flukes, and moving about in all directions. Playful Hawaiian Spinner and Spotted dolphins were happy to ride the bow wave created by our large catamaran – hundreds of them just a few feet from us.

Boat tours to the Napali Coast are available when conditions permit. On this day large winter surf made the South Shore a better choice. We found a great snorkel area near Koloa Landing, and then made our lunch and relaxation stop off Lawai Kai.

On our trip home the 35-knot trades made for a great downwind sailing run. Everyone was enjoying the ride; some chose the wet and exciting ride up front, others preferred the comfort and warmth of the rear cabin area.  The crew ran a tight operation, doing a great job tending to the passengers’ safety and enjoyment. The boat was clean and offered different rides (depending on where one sits). Thanks for the trip gang! When can we go again?

What to Bring
  • Swimsuit
  • T-shirt
  • Sunscreen
  • Camera
  • Jacket
  • Most boat companies provide snorkel gear and food and beverages

Easy – the boat ride does not involve any real physical exertion. Be prepared to get wet, catch some rays, and enjoy the ride through always changing Hawaiian waters.

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